Stepping Off the Sidewalk: (Re)discovering the Herbal You


You have always been interested in health, not only in naturally treating illness, but in staying healthy. You gravitate towards natural treatments, and have delved in cooking and some of the natural remedies available, including vitamins and herbal medicines. Book titles about herbs catch your eye, and you even bought one such book, though it now languishes on your bookshelf, not far from the myriad of cookbooks you haven’t had time to master.

Finally, there’s an entertaining treatise about common herbal medicines written by a family physician with training in integrative medicine, and with years of experience with herbal medicine. The book is accurate and evidence-based, mixing real-life examples of herbal medicine successes and pitfalls, and offering glimpses into the fascinating cultural contexts of plant remedies so as to motivate the busy modern human to visit or re-visit the natural world for healthy ideas.

By the time you reach the end of this book, you’ll have a vision for the complexity and power of herbal healing approaches, and some basic skills in preparation, tailored to your interests and needs. It is a stepping stone to further study, the beginning of the excitement for incorporation of this important topic into your life, one full of plants and health.